Yoga with Maria

Yoga with Maria

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Yoga with Maria in Enfield



“I’m no longer able to attend Maria’s class because of changed work commitments but I would hugely recommend her to anyone interested in yoga. Her pleasant disposition and sympathetic style make her ideal for beginners (such as myself), whilst her inclusion of optional advanced moves for the more able and experienced provides challenge for that group as well.” Marc B.

“I have previously done normal classes with Maria who is lovely!  Her beginners course is great and I definitely recommend going – she really takes the time to explain the asanas and reasons for doing things a certain way.” Georgina G.

“Maria is a teacher who, for me, gets the balance just right. She blends the calming and relaxing aspects of yoga with the vital and dynamic, and her teaching style is both professional and warm.  I find Maria an inspirational teacher and I have benefited greatly from her classes.” Emlyn F.

“Maria is an experienced yoga instructor who creates a friendly and relaxing atmosphere. She is always enthusiastic and easily motivates the group. Her yoga expertise provides a dynamic approach which can cater for any person wishing to attend her class from new comers to advance yoga participants. I enjoy my Monday sanctuary!” Jo H.

“I broke my ankle in 2010 which needed screws and plates put in to it. After 8 weeks my plaster was removed and I was discharged from hospital but no physio was offered. Three months down the line I was still unable to walk properly and my ankle was still swollen and painful, this was when Maria (a family friend) offered to come round to my house twice a week and teach me some Yoga, which she felt would benefit me. After just a few weeks I had more flexibility, less pain and less swelling. With Maria’s patience and encouragement I am now fully recovered and attending Maria’s Monday night classes, which I thoroughly enjoy. The atmosphere is calm and relaxed and very friendly. I would encourage anyone who has had an accident or an illness that you feel may be improved with Yoga to come along and meet Maria who I am sure will be able to help and advise you and hopefully make things better for you, like she has for me.” Claire H.