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Yoga with Maria

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Yoga with Maria in Enfield

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My classes are mixed ability, Hatha yoga. My aim is to gradually build up the practice, over a time and pace that is right for the students. It is important that we create a supportive environment where we can grow together.

We start with the physical postures (asanas) that help to develop strength, stamina and flexibility in the body. Then we introduce breath awareness (pranayama) that helps us to calm and balance the mind. Eventually, the movements and breath start to synchronise together, to create beautiful flowing sequences (vinyasa).

Yoga is non competitive, so we start from where you are today and gradually the body will open and become more flexible.

The ultimate goal of Hatha Yoga is meditation and a greater connection to all other beings.  We work with the body, cleansing and purify, so that we can start to work on our mind. The body is just the vehicle through which we can eventually experience the soul.